Great day even though the weather didnt know what it was doing.
21st May 2009
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I met with Alan from Inspire Success this morning at the Essence Restaurant in Alcester for a morning coffee and a chat. Alan is looking forward to making full use of his bestof membership and will hopefully be our first member that takes the plunge with the national pages.

Following on from this meeting i dashed over to meet with Stewart Linnane at Barclays to discuss how we can work together to help local businesses at this time. We are hopefully going yo be working closely on a few events and hopefully give something back to local businesses.

After lunch i popped over to see my main man Gary at G&R Computers who had been a bit worried by some of the competition creeping up on him with Google rankings and PPC. Luckily Gary still remains top on the 1st page of Google for a fair few categories so they wont prove much of a threat on that front. Gary has also given us some great special offers to promote on the site and to include on our new member emails which are going out shortly.

In the afternoon I had planned to meet with Will Trevor from WPA to look at taking out some medical insurance for my new family. Will was round for a good hour and half and went through all the options, costings and ran a few quotes with different product inclusions. Will pointed me in the right directon of what sort of plan to take out and I am happy to say that we now have full medical insurance and are WPA's newest clients. I hope to work with Will in the future and would not hesitate to pass on business to him.

Right back home now for a rest before i go to the Greig for my early morning workout.

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