Different types of doors for your home
24th August 2016
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Battened and Ledged doors

This is one of the oldest doors being used in our homes. These doors are usually made with vertical planks being held together by three horizontal planks placed at the top, middle and bottom part of the door. Usually, these doors are used for toilets, baths and also for those who wants to save a few quid.

Wood doors

This is the most common door we see in every home and you probably have one now. This is popular as your local carpenters can make this and the materials are not hard to find.

Flush doors

These are smooth and normally seen indoors. It can be made out of wood, steel or fiber board and usually hinged at one side so it can only open in single direction only. This is also perfect for those who want to save money while having a pleasing door at home.

Glass doors

These are usually installed in a part of the house where you can have a direct view of the garden or backyard. If the home owner wants to, glass doors can also be used a front door but they just have to make sure that their privacy and the door’s durability will not be compromised.

Steel doors

This type is perfect for outdoors due to its durability and efficiency. You can see these sometimes as doors of backyard toolshed and sometimes installed in outdoor fences.

PVC doors

Poly vinyl chloride (PVC), are made from plastic- like materials. These doors are believed to be economical as its production is much cheaper than wood. It is also popular for indoor rooms especially for the bathrooms as PVC doors are anti- corrosive, water resistant, lightweight and durable.

If you’re looking to install a new door inside your home or wanting to replace one, make sure that it will be done by the professionals such as Windows Are Us who specialises in installing doors and windows in our homes. You can also consult them on which materials or types will best suit your homes.

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