Celebrity Big Brother 2010
10th January 2010
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I really loved Big Brother last year and must admit I watched it every night. I thought I would do the same when Celebrity Big Brother came on but to be honest the word Celebrity is a joke!!!

The only true Celebrity in the house is Vinne Jones and thats why i believe he will win, I havent watched a single episode but he is the only person everyone will have heard of and is a true celeb.

Alex Reid is certainly not famous for his profession and neither is Katia, Dane Bowers is only in there to wind up Alex Reid as they have both dated Katie Price (Most of the other housemates probably have too) Sisqo was great about 10 years ago, and I have no idea what so ever who Heidi is?! Please help!!!

It seems the Celebrity part of Big Brother gets less and less every year and its either people who are dating someone famous or people who need to get famous again.

Anyway im sure its entertaining but i doubt il be watching any. Bring back normal Big Brother!!!



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