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4th December 2011
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Have you started to see our ' Buy Local' stickers appear around the area? They are in display in quite a few businesses in the area.

We are running this campaign to help local independent businesses raise their profille and to encourage locals (and tourists) to use our local businesses.

Local business have so much more to offer than large nationals and multi - nationals.

- They quite often know their customers personally and can help that customer choose the right product/service. They have an expertise and passion that is rarely found in the larger organisations.

- They usually use local suppliers themselves therefore helping the local economy

- They have a more diverse and less standard product/service - They don't have a one size fits all attitude

- Between them they offer choice. Take Tea shops/Cafes for an example. Want modern chic? try The Real Tea Cafe in Wood Street - More traditional? The Deli Cafe in Meer Street - Retro? The Fourteas in Union Street could be for you.

The point is they offer a similar service, but in a totally different and unique style.

The high streets up and down the country are starting to look the same - fast food, fast coffee and discount stores.

Let's fight back - BUY LOCAL


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We have a real passion for the Stratford area which we believe is superb and the businesses within it.
At 'the best of' we are looking for the best local businesses - from recommendations from local people...

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