An unhappy Stratford upon Avon tourist
30th December 2011
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Over the Christmas holiday we received the following email from a Canadian tourist:

I arrived in your city last year from Canada. I parked on a street Called "shakespeare"(Ironically as this is whom I am related to) I took the very first stall on the left side. I returned after a time and drove down the road. I noticed something on my windscreen. I stopped and looked at the paper. It was a parking ticket. I drove back to where I parked and to my amazement there was no signage to tell me there was paid parking. I received pictures of my car which clearly showed there was no signage from the parking authority. My complaint was ignored and now my cousin in England is being threatened.. I am coming back to England in Feb and then again in June for the solstice. I will be sure to never ever enter your city again after being treated so poorly.. I have also posted to all the sites I can find to express my ill treatment. Your parking is a joke for tourist based economy


We know there is a parking issue in the town, what are your thoughts? ( we know what your thoughts are Adam - Barry the Butcher!)

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