A Mini Adventure Part II
10th September 2012
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So we have had our Mini for just over two months and just over 3000 miles and it is still managing to surprise us. First of all we are now averaging just over 62MPG with the same mix of drivers and roads. I am not sure we will ever see the claimed 74MPG but to be able to get over 500 miles between fuel ups is pretty impressive. A trip to the coast proved its ability to carry four people in comfort. Although it is Mini in name it is surprisingly roomy inside, with very comfortable front seats and rear seats that are also well up to the job of carrying somebody for a few hours. The eagle eyed of you around Stratford will also have noticed it now sporting extra livery. STMO the parent company of The Magic Alley (surely one of the spookiest places in England) wished for added exposure. So off the car went to Space Graphics (01789 490 900) for them to work their usual magic on. Now both rear wings have on them 'STMO MEDIA GROUP our business is story telling' It is amazing the amount of attention that the car gets, people literally come up to us on the street to ask/talk about it - somebody even thought the car was from The Magic Alley! Any minus points? Not really, only a couple of quirks. It doesn't seem to like certain fuel pumps and shuts the pump off after every 5 litres or so of fuel, also the drivers side wiper squeaks every now and then as it goes across the screen. Apart from that it has been great fun, frugal and very noticeable.

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