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We had a very informative,safe fun day out with my young grand children.
Lovely staff, great atmosphere. Amazing creatures.Smiles all around!!!
The Butterfly Farm is a magical wonderland filled with enchanted creatures!
The Butterfly Farm was great and really enjoyable. Thanks xx
We had a lovely visit to the Butterfly Farm. The range of colours of the butterflys was amazing to see. One landed on my boot and did not seem to want to get off - a hitchhiker! We will be back.
This place is very exciting. I loved seeing all the butterflies and worker ants. The waterfall was pretty and I liked being able to feed the fish. The gift shop was good too and I'd recommend the butterfly farm to anyone.
My boyfriend and I had a brilliant time at the Butterfly Farm! We thought it was great value for money, at just over £6 for an adult, and you can use your ticket to come back during the day as many times as you like! There's other animals to see too - like some reptiles, other insects and quite a few spiders and scorpions in the "Arachnoland". We spent about two hours there overall, and would definitely recommend it to others. It was lovely to see all the different butterflies flying around. One even landed on my nose! :)
My daughter loved this place and so did we. There were baby quails roaming around ad well as fish, insects and of course loads and loads of butterflies. This place is just gorgeous!
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They allow people to visit and see the wonderfully large range and number of butterflies flying around in a lovely setting with waterfalls a stream and a pond with tropical plants, the flowers of which provide nectar for the butterflies. This is ecologically sustainable, and they send butterflies (in cacoons I believe) abroad where there is a danger that they might become endangered.
Fantastic range of innovative (and very funny) greeting cards. Lovely gifts, great quality. Very friendly and helpful shop owners and staff.
Normally when I'm hungover I lie on the sofa feeling sorry for myself but last Sunday I took a friend to the Butterfly Farm... It was such a lovely way to pass a couple of hours. The butterflies are spectacular, elegant, graceful, mesmerising and plentiful! Lots of interesting little bugs and reptiles to check out too. I totally forget my hangover and got lost in the alternate world that is the Butterfly Farm.
Stratford Butterfly farm is the best Visitor attaraction because its such a wonderful and magical place spend the day. It's like going to a tropical paradise where it's lovely and warm and there are hundreds of stunning butterflies everywhere! The kids love it!! Real value for money.
A really fun family day out, i would recomend this to anyone looking to take their little ones out for the day to do something different but to a budget. I took 3 children of 4, 8 and 12 and they all loved it, there was something for all of them, even my other half enjoyed it! It was a real chance to see some truely fascinating creatures up close, the youngest even held a butterfly which she has still not stopped talking about. I would thoroughly recomend the Butterfly Farm to everyone, its an experience not to be missed!
Today I was lucky enough to roll back the years and have a look round the Butterfly Farm. My last visit was a good few years ago with my primary school. The place still had the same effect on me and the place was as amazing as I remember!! I also read an amazing fact which I still cant believe, that a dead-leaf mantus can eat a small bird or mouse!!! I didnt even notice they had a mouth so how they do that is unbelievable. I thouroughly recommend the farm to tourist and locals and it is a great day out for all the family
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Stratford Butterfly Farm celebrates its 30th anniversary!

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