Sleep and Real Smiles!
4th February 2012
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I've now read a few of these blogs back now and started to realise that the general feeling of them is negative, filled with drama and obstacles, well... I suppose that's what you should expect from life itself not just having a child, but still I wanted to bring something positive to the table this time round.


I was trying to find something positive that I could say enough about to be able to write this blog, there was many little things here and there, but nothing of massive significance that I could write a few paragraphs about which I haven't already mentioned in other blogs.


This was all up until yesterday. The first smiles were rolled out in force and they haven't stopped since. At first it was cute, but we played it off as just wind as he tends to have a lot which can be quite hilarious at the right times. Accept this time round there was no wind, just smiles, a few playful noises and what seemed for the first time a visually emotional baby.


We've not stopped trying to make Tyler smile since and he loves it! On the outside its sweet, fun and gives a good feeling, but emotionally as a dad it goes a lot deeper than that. It almost feels like were getting recognition for the good things we do, where as before we'd question ourselves at whether we were doing the right things and if the way we were going about it all was right.


Seeing him smile (as cheesy as it sounds) brings a warmth inside I just can't quite explain. I believe its one of those moments you have to experience for yourself to fully understand what I mean. The joy of knowing that what you're doing or saying is making that little being smile, no longer just on the inside, but for the world to see as well, it can get a little overwhelming at points.


Not only have the smiles been out in numbers, but he seems a much more playful baby, I'm not sure whether this is more of an illusion created by the smiles and we just perceive it as more playful or whether he genuinely is just more playful.


Now the colic is finally fully out of his system days and more importantly nights have become a lot easier! We've managed to make it to 4 hours between feeds now, which still doesn't sound like much, but after all these night of patchy sleep it's amazing how much the extra hour at a time helps.


Not only is he sleeping now longer in the night, but he's also becoming less hassle, he seems less interested in screaming the house down during a midnight change of the nappy, he settles a lot better in the moses basket, where-as before getting him to settle whilst lying flat in the moses basket was one of the hardest things to do and for many nights would take us hours!


All-in-all it has been a very positive week or so, with Tyler and with the progression of taking this blog to new heights!


The whole process so far of trying to juggle work, social and family life has been difficult... Very difficult at points, it has been exhausting, it has been extremely emotional and forever draining, but every single second has been worth it, especially to now see that smile on his little chubby face, makes all of it, the screaming, the fighting, the arguing, the lack of sleep, the late nights, all of it worth it. I can proudly say, hand on heart, I would not change any of this for the world.


Thank you for reading and I hope you join me next week.


To see my earlier blogs and see my journey and intentions please go to

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