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10th February 2012
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Tyler had his 6 developmental check a few days ago. Not quite sure what this entailed we went along even if we were slightly late. It was fairly straight forward and simple, they checked his strength and how well he held his head, which Tyler has done stupidly well from birth, then it was just questions how well mother was coping, how often baby was feeding, etc, etc. Again no questions aimed at dad, so for me was another fly on the wall moment.


I understand that its one hell of an experience for mother and baby to go through and that they do need to be checked to make sure every thing's okay, but I also believe that there should be something for the dads too. Being at the birth and the sudden change of lifestyle to a baby being around, no matter how much you've prepared yourself, it has a deep effect on the mental stability of the dad. Well it did with me, maybe not all people, but I'm sure there are others that feel the same. I know I've said in earlier blogs the mixture of emotions, feelings, thoughts and doubts that flooded my mind, but I am yet to see anyone in a professional position to acknowledge that it may have a phycological effect on a man and yet to find anything to help combat or help these feelings and fears.


I digress. Back to the clinic. The moment we were mainly waiting for had now come where there were going to weigh Tyler. Slightly excited we were trying to peer over to the digital display to see how much he weighed before she told us.


Now baring in mind a month and a half ago Tyler was born 5lb 5oz. He now weighs 8lb 13oz! Little fatty has been at the bottle like no ones business! He is on the right tracks and its all looking very positive for him.


Once the colic had gone we continued to give him the infacol for a little while longer just to be sure. A few days later I started to realise that infacol is made to help release the trapped wind that colic creates, but now the colic had gone, releasing the wind was seemingly making Tyler uncomfortable and at some points almost looked like he was in pain by straining too much. It was at this point I decided to stop the infacol, although it was a godsend at first it was now becoming as much of a problem as it was the solution.


Since then he's been a lot happier, most of the uncomfortableness has gone, the poo's are returning to normal as they were more runny before (an event I try to stay well clear from).


All in all everything is looking positive right now, my little project is also now moving in leaps and bounds and I've set myself some goals and dates with everything I'm planning and I will hopefully be able to let you all know in the very near future and I'm hoping you we all help me spread the word and get all this out to help as many scared, worried or concerned fathers and father-to-be's in any city, any region and any country.


If I can help one other dad to feel better about things and have the reassurance I wanted and often still do want, then all this and everything I am planning has been worth it.


Thank you for reading and I hope you continue this journey with me next week.


To see my earlier blogs and see my journey and intentions please go to  www.dadhelp.blogspot.com

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