The importance of marketing – How thebestof Stevenage can help
24th June 2015
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Marketing your business is incredibly important in order to keep driving customers to you. If it’s something that you’re struggling with then here are just a few tips, all of which thebestof Stevenage are able to help with.

The importance of reviews

First off, reviews. These are essential for your business as people are more likely to buy from you if they are able to see the level of service that others have received when dealing with your company. With no reviews, people are less willing to risk their money on something they see as unproven. In addition to helping you build custom, reviews can also help your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as they will often contain keywords that will boost you online presence. This will then help people find your business leading to greater custom.

Being on social media

In today’s market this is essential. The number of people on various social media platforms is increasing all the time so to ignore this aspect of marketing could prove damaging to your business. Being on social media is a great way to interact with your customers and potential customers as you can build relationships with them which help increase the profile of your business. Even if negative comments come in via a social media platform, this could help your business if it can be seen you deal quickly and effectively with the problem. This will help to build trust as your followers will be able to see you resolve any issues professionally and as quickly as possible.

Website with Search Engine Optimisation

This is important if you want your website to appear in the unpaid section of a search engine’s results. Correct formation of SEO will mean more people will find your website thus increasing the footfall to your brand and then increase the likelihood of those buying from you. SEO is important, as getting it correct will mean many more people will be able to access your company just because you’ve optimised your website for the right search terms.

Pay Per Click

Using AdWords can be highly effective in getting people to your website and can help ensure your site is found when particular keywords are entered into a search engine. With PPC it means that you will appear at the top of the list on Google, and the potential customer would be more likely to click through to your website. You are then charged for each click made and can adjust the campaign accordingly to ensure the keywords selecting are working for your business.


Offers are important as they will draw people in who may never have used your company before. Many are unable to resist a good bargain so it is a great way to hook people in to your brand and to try your services for the first time. Once people have brought from you, it will be easier to get their return custom which is invaluable.

These are just some of the ways in which it is important to market your business and they are ALL part of the service offered by thebestof Stevenage. Customers can add reviews to your feature which can also appear on your website through a widget (these reviews have to be verified by those who have left them which adds to their credibility), offers can be added at any time, thebestof websites are fully optimised for search engines giving you the best reach to customers and Pay Per Click can be sorted for you too! 

If that wasn’t enough, there are also many more benefits to being a member of thebestof Stevenage. To find out more about marketing your business via thebestof, get in contact with Paul today!

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