Art in the Garden
11th August 2008
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I went down to Wing today and had a look around John and Rose Dejardin's Art Dejardin Sculpture exhibition.

Each year the beautiful gardens of Wingwell are open for the public to walk around and discover a wealth of fantastic sculptures in all kinds of shapes and forms - all available for purchase. The pieces range from the fantastic to the more prosaic, but all are carefully chosen and sited to show just how versatile art in the garden can be.


There are wonderful hanging glass pieces in the trees, huge seed pods lurking in the flower beds and organic willow structures growing from the hedges.


In amongst all this delightful mayhem I noticed two pieces from our own Robert Fogell, shown below.

They look fantastic in this glorious setting.



The exhibition runs until September, so hurry along and have a look . I can promise you that you won't be disappointed. You can find out more information about the exhibition by clicking here, and more about Robert Fogell by clicking here.


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