Is Social Media making us more frustrated?
17th July 2011
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Guest blog by Anna Woolliscroft of MarketAvenue Ltd

I think there is some truth in this question.

With the explosion of the online world of social media, enhancing our internet experience and our incessant urge for real time - real time virtual conversations, real time information, real time conversions and transactions – sometimes it seems that we no longer have the patience to wait for anything!

Are passionate Twitter tweeps able to wait 3 hours for an email response or Google alert fanatics able to wait 24 hours for a call back? And when our beloved internet connection is lost…well, the world simply collapses around our ankles doesn’t it?

How much of a divide could this potentially cause between early adopters of technical innovation and technophobes? Could this lead to a loss of business, a bad reputation, or a black list for a company or individual who fails to respond within a few minute timeframe? Will this mean further segmentation research into audiences for companies who sell products and services to a diverse range of demographics?


 Social media platforms offer a fantastic way to connect with friends, colleagues and customers. These sites allow a two-way communication process to exist in a sociable environment and a great way to build relationships, both personal and professional.

Yet could our Bashful metamorphose into Grumpy just because Snow White doesn’t answer her iphone immediately and panic has set in because he can’t find the salt for his chips…just a thought!

Social media has huge creative potential, still. It offers excellent communication within an exciting social sphere but does it bring with it a slight red eye?

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