International Babywearing Week in Stafford
2nd October 2012
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International Babywearing Week October 8-14, 2012 Our passion is wearing our little ones! That’s because babywearing—which simply means holding an infant or toddler in a baby carrier—offers numerous benefits. And NCT Stafford Babywearers & Nappucino are proud to be taking part in International Babywearing Week, October 8-14, 2012 and celebrating our second birthday!

International Babywearing Week is sponsored by Babywearing International, Inc., a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote babywearing as a universally accepted practice, and, an internet babywearing information resource.

The week-long celebration was created to focus the world’s attention on the timeless and beautiful practice of babywearing. Local babywearing groups across the country and around the world are celebrating the week with special events and activities. NCT Stafford Babywearers & Nappucino will be celebrating Wednesday 10th October 2012 1:00pm – 2:30pm with a small party and raffle at: Stafford Baptist Church The Green, Bailey Street Stafford ST17 4BG Why are we so passionate about babywearing?

For starters, worn babies cry less and fall asleep more easily. Babywearing also promotes bonding, satisfies a baby’s need for interaction, and boosts mothers’ confidence. Busy parents can get more done—laundry! Dishes! Phone calls! Or more importantly in the early days – grab a bite to eat! All while cuddling their little one. It’s great for less stressful outings, they can leave the pushchair at home on bumpy hikes, and use escalators and steps with ease when out and about. And perhaps best of all, most little ones love being worn—whether a newborn lulled to sleep in Mummy’s sling, listening to her heartbeat or a toddler enjoying a piggyback on Daddy.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating International Babywearing Week this year. For more information about what we do, visit or contact You can learn more about Babywearing International at:

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