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5th July 2011
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Carry an ideas book with you whenever you can to pencil in those eureka moments; they are guaranteed to pop into your head when you’re not at work and not in front of the computer so it helps to remember and share ideas.


Have a pen and paper ready at the end of every day to list 5 positive things that have happened to you, your company or within your industry throughout the day; make it part of your routine, you’ll be surprised at how much you can come up with!


Involve your favourite hobby! Think about it, how much professional business is done on the golf course? There will be many ways you can approach your hobby subject matter from a business point of view; your fellow fishermen could be your next set of clients!


Read your company brochure and sales literature again, I’m sure it’s been awhile. Jot down any industry buzz words, your company’s unique sales propositions and your company values; these are all relevant snippets of information to your customers and prospects.


Schedule a content strategy and ideas meeting with the whole team; all you need is an hour every other week, a mug of coffee and a packet of hob knobs to keep the inspiration coming!


Set up Google Alerts for keywords and phrases relevant to your industry to find suitable articles to comment on and use these same articles to generate your own reviews, opinions and ideas.


Build some regular industry blog reading time into your week for your own knowledge, to stay in the know and to help assemble a good collection of content ideas, view Technorati and Digg for inspiration.

Check out Facebook questions and LinkedIn polls for industry conversation.

Good luck


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