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14th January 2016
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I am pleased to report, one year down the line, that our plans have come to fruition and our expectations were borne out.  We are still a small business, but what we have now is the structure in place to cope with the market and the increasing volume of business we are seeing month on month.

I can’t say it hasn’t been a challenging year, the whole business of recruiting and expanding is time consuming and at times exhausting.  Nevertheless it has also been a very rewarding year.  Every business wants to increase turnover and be more profitable, but sometimes the success of a business isn’t just measured in monetary terms.  One of the most fulfilling things this year was seeing our former secretary complete her qualifications and, very recently, become an adviser.

Business this year has increased across all sectors, both in mortgages and protection.  Working with Pink we have a robust protection process and our clients expect to have the conversation whenever we start a mortgage application. There are always those that believe things won’t happen to them, but in the main our clients understand the very real need to protect themselves and their families.

We have a steady flow of work from both existing clients and referrals.  We recently started working with a local estate agent, which I believe will provide another referral stream, and have a good network locally to ensure we continue to grow. 

Our other achievement this year was a nomination in the Best of Stafford Awards for best local business.  Fingers crossed.  If we win it will be the start of things to come for 2016.  I am sure it will be another good year; a strong year with sensible growth.

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