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Binney and Sims Ltd - Architectural Design and Planning St Neots, St Neots

Being a female novice at needing to build an medium extension so that my husband and I could move in to look after my mother, I knew I had to completely trust the architect. After one phone call and an initial meeting, I knew Katie was the one for the job. She explained everything in detail, in addition gave me a folder with information explaining each stage which initially I couldn't even bring myself to read (it wasn't the content, which is explained so simply but taking on the project felt so daunting). This folder though has become my bible as I look up each stage as we progress through this journey. Katie knew exactly what we needed design wise and was very patient with us when we kept calling to change certain areas. She and her team were at the end of the phone and email and they responded promptly throughout this Covid nightmare. She is very bubbly, professional and passionate. Both my husband are anal about exceptional customer service which is hard to find unfortunately – but we found it in Katie and her team. I trust her guidance 100% and have gone from being daunted to being very excited about this project.