Huntingdonshire Businesses - The Horseshoe Restaurant VIP card for your staff.
27th November 2011
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Calling all businesses in Huntingdonshire

The Horseshoe Restaurant VIP card for your staff. 

No-cost to the company Employee Benefits

Providing your employees with benefits usually has a tax impact as well as cost.
The ‘Shoe offers a no-cost benefit to your company and a benefit to your employees that attracts no taxation.

Put simply, it is a loyalty card which provides ‘points’.  Double, even quadruple, the normal awards of a high street loyalty card, and much more. From 4% to 20% of spend is returned to the card user in complimentary food and beverages, or meeting & event space. This card is used in over 60 outlets in East Anglia currently. So a user can gain and spend points in a wide range of retailers.

It is our Horseshoe Restaurant VIP card. 
This is how it can help you, your company, and your employees;

It provides preferential benefits such as ‘Chauffeured Dining’, Food & Wine taster opportunities, special offers, meeting space, (complete with AV & WiFi), dinner party arrangement, luncheon groups, and the Festive Season celebrations such as Christmas Lunches, or Christmas Dinner Partys.

In addition to seasonal & selected date incentives such as ‘the organiser goes free’, complimentary wine, or music, we offer those points on the VIP cards. The choices include the points going on one card for the benefit of the company or each of your employees gaining their share of the points on their VIP card for later redemption.

So your employees can appreciate the benefit you provide them by letting us give them a VIP card.

The Offord ‘Shoe, The Horseshoe Restaurant in Offord Darcy, offers seriously fresh quality food, an ever changing range of menus and great service. For Chef Richard and his brigade it is ‘no compromise’ in pursuit of fresh food excellence. We have the independent testimonials and awards to prove it including the ultimate 5 Star award from the EHO. The restaurant can seat up to 100 covers and the Snug Dining/Meeting Room another 30-ish.

We have parking for over 60 vehicles and large green grassy garden with dedicated play area for the children.

Just say ‘Yes’ and we will get the cards to the recipients, or provide them for your internal distribution.

Then maybe we can talk about our seasonal gathering offerings to your organiser? Call Ian, or Kate, on 01480 810 293.



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