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A Timebank is a way for people to share their knowledge and skills with their community and be rewarded for it – with time. For every one hour you volunteer you can claim back the same amount. We call them credits – and you can save them up for those jobs you can’t manage or don’t have the skills or time for. It’s as easy as that. Click to read more.
Read more about what St.Neots' Charity of the year (Timebank) have been up to this month!
The very latest in the 'TimeBank' series - August 2015.
Our latest installment of the St Neots Timebank Newsletter July 2015.
Building Work Update - New Macmillian Woodlands Centre Appeal
Latest from St Neots' Charity of the year!
Our latest newsletter from St Neots' Charity of the year - TimeBank.
Our latest installment of the TimeBank series - March 2015.
Our latest instalment of the monthly TimeBank Newsletters.
The first St Neots Timebank Newsletter for 2015! (January)
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