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Having shopped around for Solar PV for my house, I contacted "Solar Panels" cambs and met in Ian when he came to survey and give me a quote. I was immediately impressed with Ian's knowledge and his honest approach. He was the only person who advised me on the best set up, ie Solar edge as opposed to an inefficient string inverter, most of the others concentrated on the cheapest price and assumed that I had no knowledge of how systems work. When the guys came to fit the system, they were totally professional and did a first class job. If asked I would recommend "Solar Panels Cambs" to any one.
I asked Powervault a battery supplier, for solar installations about their products. I said I was interested in a domestic solar panel installation and they put me in touch with Ian Shepherd at Solar Panels Cambridge, a registered installer. I spoke to Ian about a possible installation on the roof of my house and that there might be some difficulties for example we did not have a loft and trees shaded part of the roof from the sun. Ian decided it would be better to come and visit the property and see the site for himself before making a proposal. At the visit we explored a number of options about the type of panels, how they could be installed and where the battery could be located with Ian very clearly explaining the options. We decided the quote would be based on a Solar Edge Inverter with power optimisers on each individual panel. Whilst slightly more expensive than a standard installation the controller could be installed outside in a convenient location and the power optimisers would allow the maximum panel output depending on conditions in particular minimising the shading effect of the trees. Ian then quickly supplied a quote with specification. I accepted his quotation and the installation complete with panels, inverter, optimisers and battery was completed one year ago. Since then I have found the installation has performed better than anticipated with more electricity produced than forecast and the battery “back up” has worked well reducing the electricity consumption noticeably when the sun is not shining. Indeed the battery output, when charged, is sufficient to power appliances such as a dishwasher and washing machine. The installation has been reliable and effective effortlessly switching between mains, solar power and battery charging and discharging with no impact such as lights flickering or power supply drop to appliances Ian has provided an excellent post installation service, any queries he has dealt with promptly and if I am not sure about something he has returned to site to explain and check if there is a problem. I would, therefore recommend Solar Power Cambs as a solar panel supplier and installer without any hesitation.
I wanted to say how pleased we were with the efficient and friendly service we received from Solar Panels Cambs. We had previously contacted the company a few years ago, for a quote, and although we decided not to proceed at that time, we were impressed by the information given and the low-pressure sales pitch (which ironically was one of the reasons we chose the company). Returning to the company, they were not the cheapest, but they were the most interested in giving us what we asked for, rather than deciding for themselves what they thought we needed. The fitting guys were professional, efficient and extremely hard working. The panels work really well and look good on the house. Even at this time of year (just before Christmas) we generate a significant amount of electricity. We also have an electric water heater hooked up to the solar, for using excess electricity, so nothing is wasted. We’re really pleased with it. Would recommend Solar Panels Cambs to anyone.
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