Carly Harvey Health and Fitness St Neots - Fitness Classes and Personal Training
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Carly Harvey Health and Fitness St Neots - Fitness Classes and Personal Training.


About Carly Harvey - Health and Fitness

Change your life and become the best YOU you can be!

It's never too late to become fit and healthy... Carly should know!

Carly is a busy Mum who only found her love for fitness and health at age 32! 

She's supporting clients in the St Neots area in their efforts to become fitter and healthier... why not become one of them?! 

Carly also supports and coaches over 1,500 young students every summer through the government NCS program, bringing energy and fitness to youths. Encouraging community, personal development and social skills.

Carly's Story

Lacking confidence.


Extremely unhealthy.


That's the place Carly was in until she began her fitness transformation journey. 


Getting motivated, staying committed and making a lasting change has transformed Carly's life. The benefits she now feels have been so far reaching that she wants to inspire others to embrace the change to become the best they can be too - whether that change is through movement, self confidence or diet. It's all about taking that first step, and staying motivated to make sure the transformation to a new "you" is a permanent one. 

Carly is a Personal Trainer and a fitness instructor for Clubbercise, Zumba, Boxercise and Hiit. She offers nutritional & confidence coaching alongside fitness training to help people completely transform their life forever.

Her mission is to inspire and uplift others to be better, feel better & think better - and she's already made a huge difference to the lives of her clients.

Get motivated with Carly!

Some of the ways in which Carly can help you change your life are:

  • Goal setting: whether you want to reach an ideal weight, complete a specific event or achieve a new personal best, having a goal in mind keeps you focused and helps you feel like you're achieving something.
  • 62e392fe0a6f6c461b70d107Get organised: make sure you're prepared each day - for example, having your workout gear ready the night before. It removes some of the excuses for not getting to it!
  • Eat well: getting fit and healthy isn't about exercise alone. You'll feel better and be more motivated if you're eating the right foods.
  • Don't take on too much at once: aim for gradual. realistic changes that will keep you motivated - otherwise you're potentially setting yourself up to fail.
  • Get some help: this is where Carly comes in! Having Carly on board to help you set goals, develop a routine that works for you and above all, can keep you motivated will mean you're much more likely to stick too it, and make the permanent change you're looking for. 

Contact Carly today and take that first step to a healthier, fitter and happier you! 

Please remember to mention thebestof St Neots when you call!