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2by2 Holidays, St Albans and Harpenden

Loved every part of our 2by2 holiday, thank you. My comments are not a complaint but purely observations for you. Met at the airport and delivered to Lawhill apartments (there were no maps or tourist information leaflets provided as per voucher) . It was a shame that the apartments booked by my brother and myself (with 2by2) were not in the same block closer to each other. The free bottled water is only provided on the day of arrival and not through out the stay. Franschhoek Hotel was stunning, nothing could be faltered except it was a shame we couldn’t all be overlooking the bleautiful lake. We were provided with a free glass of sparkling wine overlooking the small lake in the sunshine when we arrived which was a very nice touch, pure heaven Oudtshoorn hotel was also lovely and our rooms were quite pleasant although my brother again was in a different part of the hotel and quite far away . This hotel is a bit disorganised as they didn’t remember my booking for meerkats or stargazing and once I book them they got the times wrong for both. The meerkats were amazing but the stargazing was the big disappointment of the holiday. The man preferred to talk about himself and his life rather than the stars (Not good value). They also put all the meals and extras onto one bill (my brothers & mine) to save time! Hermanus hotel was again amazing, the best of all. Brilliant location, lovely view and very comfortable hotel. They even allowed us to leave our suitcases downstairs and continue to use their facilities (swim & walk out back) in till approximately 1 PM when we had lunch beside the pool, very generous. Although your itinerary photos don’t always look great, I have learnt from past holidays that my friends, family and I have done with 2by2 that all your hotels/apartments are of a high standard, wonderful locations and I trust your choices. Thank you..... until the next one ☝️