Unstoppable Women's Networking
  • Peacock
    13 Hatfield Road
    St Albans
    AL1 3RR
Free & unintimidating networking for women in small businesses

A monthly networking event at The Peacock in the centre of St Albans - a perfect setting for mingling, with an unpretentious atmosphere and happy hour cocktails.

We all know the power of networking, right? But actually going out there and doing it...especially when you're often greeted by a lot of grey suits and people prodding business cards into your hands for services you'll never use and with no conversation to match...is just not all that appealing.

I get it. I'm a success and business coach working exclusively with women who run small businesses. I know the power of connection and I love to meet new people - not to sell to them, just to make genuine, real connections and share experiences.

My networking events are different. I tackle all the not so great things about other networking events. They're free, inclusive and high vibe.

  • Free

    So there’s no pressure to “make back your investment” and no membership models.

  •  No suits

    You’re not going to feel under dressed in your jeans. Be as casual or as extra as you like.

  •  No woman left behind

    You won’t feel like no one wants to talk you or no one is approachable. Meet a super friendly and open group of inspiring women.

  •  Meet everyone

    You know how sometimes you’re sure that someone on the other side of the room would love to work with you, but you get stuck not knowing how to politely move across the room, or insert yourself in their conversation? I got you. While I’m not down for some cheesy and dread-inducing 60 second pitches, you’ll be prompted to switch groups throughout our casual networking (like mini speed-networking), so there’ll be no awkwardness when you want to go meet someone new and you’ll get to introduce yourself to everyone – with plenty of time afterwards to go and reconnect with the people you clicked with.

  •  A Whole Lot of Added Value

    We have some laid-back talks on a defined topic each month. If you’ve been looking at dipping your toe into speaking publicly or have a topic you’d love us to cover, message me and pitch me – I’m really excited to hear from you.

  •  People Focused

    While I know we all want to make some money, what’s most important at our events is making connections. You go away not only with potential business partners/leads, but with a growing support network and the start of some great friendships.

  •  High Vibe

    Everyone should leave our networking events feeling super inspired, excited and energised.

  •  Women Only

    Not that I have any problem with men, but, I have noticed men and women seem to network in drastically different ways. With a group of women we can focus on connection, cheering each other on and going out into the world ready to recommend our new connections.

  •  Hella Supportive for Newbies

    At the first networking event I ever went to, I spent 15 minutes standing outside, freaking out on the phone to my Mum and considering just turning back home without going in. I understand just how intimidating a room full of strangers can be, especially when they all seem way more sorted than you feel. If you want to make the leap into networking but it fills you with dread, email me and let me know – that way you’ll know at least one person there and I’ll make sure to introduce you to some other lovely faces to break the ice.

Future dates
  • Tuesday 12th May 6:45pm until 8:45pm
  • Tuesday 9th June 6:45pm until 8:45pm
  • Tuesday 14th July 6:45pm until 8:45pm
  • Tuesday 11th August 6:45pm until 8:45pm
  • Tuesday 8th September 6:45pm until 8:45pm
* thebestof cannot be held responsible for any changes, amends or cancellations of an event