The Dangers of Taking a Tree Down Without Professional Help
18th May 2017
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Many trees are protected in Law, cutting them down, or even cutting part of them down when there is a Protection Order will get you into a lot of trouble. In addition, people are advised to establish who actually owns the tree/s, private house holders or business owners may object and cutting someone else’s trees down without permission will also get you in to trouble, especially if they are owned by a local authority.


Further, trees can be massive – even seemingly small ones, they require proper handling, with professional equipment for felling and removal of the debris – no small feat as a tree can take a lot of disposing of.

Cutting at a living tree with amateur equipment and minimal safety wear is asking for serious injury and may cost far more in the long run!

Nunhead Tree Care are Tree Surgeons at Surrey Quays who provide Forestry Services all across South London from Southwark Borough.

Following contact with professional tree surgeons they will:

Visit you to assess what needs to be done, establish how large is the tree and its proximity to buildings – including your own property, roads, utility cables and power lines, and any people who may be at risk.

They will provide a quotation for the work and advise about when they can do the work and how long it will take.

Professional Tree Surgeons will use the correct equipment, including Personal Protective Equipment and power tools designed for the job. They will use ropes and ladders to gain access and to lower severed branches to the ground safely. They will work within the rules of the Health and Safety at Work Act taking duty of care for anyone affected by their work. In addition, a professional Tree Surgeon will carry appropriate insurance cover for all risks that apply.

Professional Tree Surgeons will start at the top of the tree and work down, until it is a stump and will reduce the debris to its smallest size using an industrial chipper or a similar device, and will dispose of it legally.


Nunhead Tree Care of Surrey Quays, Tree Surgeons are very highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted and safe local businesses and the community together.

For further information regarding Nunhead Tree Care, of Surrey Quays, Trees Surgeons please go to:

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