The Beatles in Southport 1963
7th September 2009
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In response to the hype around the release of the digitally remastered Beatles albums, The Times today had an article in which readers remembered going to the early concerts. One of these was at the Odeon (now Sainsbury's) in Southport in August 1963.

I was at one of the concerts - The Beatles were here for a week. The tickets cost 4s6d and my friend's mum sent a cheque to pay for them. It was the first time I knew of anything being paid for in this way- in 1963, you paid cash or sent a Postal Order.

We were in the rear stalls, but in the front row of the the rear stalls, and the seats in front - the back two rows of the front stalls - were empty, so we had a superb view.

The Beatles, of course, were top of the bill, but they were supported by Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas, and Gerry & The Pacemakers.  The Fourmost should have been there, but this was Friday night, and they had gone off to take part in Ready, Steady, Go! Their slot was taken by Cilla Black on her first appearance outside Liverpool.

The supporting acts soon became a blur, but the thrill of seeing The Beatles is still with me. They sang the early number ones, and some tracks from the 'Please, Please Me' album. 'She Loves You'  had just been released and the audience erupted when they began this number. Of course everyone screamed, but not so much that you couldn't hear the songs. Although I never went to The Cavern, I was too young at this point, I still feel privileged to have seen this phenomenon in the early stages, before they were really big!

A year later we went to see them again in Wigan. We had to queue for hours to buy our tickets, wich this time cost 6s6d, we were right at the back, and could hardly hear.

If anyone reading this has similar memories, please post them.



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