I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue comes to Southport
29th September 2009
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I learned something tonight - You can't play a kazoo while laughing hysterically! This is despite being told by the director of the show that everyone in the audience now had a Grade 8.

We've listened to 'I'm Sorry I haven't a clue' on Radio 4 since it started 38 years ago and it has often been the radio highlight of the week. tonight's show at the Southport Theatre had everything the radio show has and more!

Jack Dee began with the customary 'review' of the host town, mentioning Southport's connections with Napoleon III and our town's contribution to Paris - the wide boulevards being based on Lord Street, and sending donkeys to the French capital - which of course they ate!

Southport Football club also got a mention - apparently thieves broke into the trophy room at Haig Avenue - and stole the carpet!

The show continued with rounds with which all fans are familiar, including one song to the tune of another, pick up song, sound charades, late arrivals at the builders ball and of course Mornington Crescent. The encore of 'Swanee Whistle and  Kazoo duets, with full audience participation - fantastic!

If anyone reading this saw the show, do add your comments.

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