Giant Charity Walk Completed
28th October 2009
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Judi Wilson recently completed her charity walk along The Great Wall of China, undertaken to raise funds for Queenscourt Hospice in memory of her partner Mike Butterworth.

Judi, along with a group of 20 other walkers, accomplished this great feat in October, and although it was much harder than she could ever have imagined, is very proud to have managed it.

They walked along four of the most remote sections of the wall in very hot, humid conditions with no shade. Usually they didn't see anyone else all day apart from their group - and sometimes didn't even see some of them! Many parts of the wall were unrepaired and involved scrambling, rather than walking. Where there were any steps, these were so high, climbing them was enrgy sapping in itself.

Accommodation along the way was basic - but not basic as you or I would understand. At one point they stayed at a farm, with little rooms around a courtyard. Very picturesque, you might think - but no! The beds were concrete with mattresses of foam about one and a half inches thick. 'Just what you need after a hard day's walk!' commented Judi.

At the end of the walk, Judi and some of the group stayed on to visit Xian and the Teccacotta Army. You can't really go all that way and miss this.

I always thought it would be hard, and admired Judi before for her determination and training schedule, but I couldn't believe what it was really like and can't express the limits of my admiration now.

Well done and congratulattions Judi!


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