Free fitness programme for ladies.
13th October 2009
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This October Dunes Active Sefton will be giving female members of the community the chance to take part in the hugely successful Community Fitness Week programme.

Beginning on the 26th October and finishing on the 1st November participants will be able to enjoy 7 days of free fitness and also support and guidance from the expert members of Eze staff.

We're constantly bombarded with scare stories about weight, from size zero to the obesity 'epidemic'. But a healthy weight is determined by different factors for each of us. Our expert team will be on hand to provide all the necessary assistance to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, life enhancing weight.
Around one in three females are currently overweight at present according to government statistics and the Department of health predicts that if this trend continues 6 million women in the UK will be obese by 2010.

Sarah Dack McGuinness, Club Manager at Dunes commented, “ The statistics and research on this subject don’t make for pleasant reading, but we believe we can help with that first daunting step towards a healthier more active lifestyle. This is the reason behind the week being female only, so that women can get the chance to meet others in a similar situation and can work together towards achieving their goals”

Good health is not something which is achieved instantly but Eze Fitness will be there to help guide you through those small steps to make a big difference towards a healthier and more active you.
Intereste - ring the club on 01704 537160 or come and sign up with a member of the team.

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