Cycle Ride to Clieves Hills View Point
16th May 2010
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This ride is 22 miles and therefore, unless you are really fit will take a good part of the day, but the views from Clieves Hill are worth the effort.

We start the ride from Woodvale traffic lights, so you will need to ride there, take your bike on the car, or go on the train to Ainsdale.

After passing through the lights, bear left through the short bus lane to take the back road past Formby Hall. The route is then through the wooded lane and past the golf club entrance and round a right, then sharp left bend to the last junction before the lane turns toward Freshfield. At this point we leave the lane and turn left down North Moss Lane.

 Ride straight down to the end where a short stretch of unmetalled road takes you to the start of the Cheshire Lines Track. Turn right onto the old trackbed and follow for 3.8 miles to Lydiate Station.

Turn left from the car park and at the next junction, turn left again then right and follow to the next junction where you turn left. This brings you to the main Lydiate-Southport road.

Turn left to pass the Scotch Piper Inn, then right at the next junction. Follow this lane round, bearing left at the next junction and then turning left at the second junction.

Follow this lane for ¼ mile, turn right at the end, then left at the next junction. This brings you out on the A59 at the Swan Hotel, Aughton.

Turn left onto the cycle track and climb the hill to the next lane on the left and turn down it past West Tower Hotel. At the end, turn left. Continue down the hill to the next right turn - Clieves Hill Lane -  then ride up the hill to the view point. The less fit or energetic of you may have to walk some of the way!

Take some time here to enjoy the views of the Welsh Hills and the Lake District Hills before continuing on in the same direction to the next junction where you turn left into Shepherds Lane. After a steep descent turn right at the junction and then left after a few hundred yards.

Ride to the end and then turn right into Plex Lane. Continue to the main road over the canal. At the junction, continue straight on into Plex Moss lane and after 3 miles you are back at the traffic lights.

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