Birkdale Village Christmas Festival and 'Spot what's wrong!' competition results
6th December 2009
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Despite dreadful weather on Thursday, there was a very good turnout to the Birkdale Village Christmas Festival.

The lights were duly switched on by the two 6 year old winners of the recent poster competition held in Birkdale primary schools.

The stall holders enjoyed a steady trade, and entertainment from the stage made for a festive atmosphere.

The 'Spot what's wrong!' competiton held by The Best of Southport and In & Round Birkdale was won by Isabel Chan, and here as promised are the answers

1. Loaf of Bread in Sitting Pretty

2. Hearth Brush in Jennings Greengrocers

3. Nail Varnish in Andrew Willetts Opticians

4. Goose Fat in Zapatoes Shoe Shop

5. Glasses in Blazes

6. A shoe in C.H. Latham Bakery

7. A rug in Brian Park

8. Chocolates in S.J. Carpets

9. Cheese in Broughs Butchers

10. A pineapple in Birkdale Cheese Centre.

Thank you to all the shopkeepers for their co-operation, and especially to Andrew Willetts for his help and Penny of 'Sitting Pretty' for the use of her salon as my base.


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