Anita's Challenge Update
11th October 2009
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Anita Carlton of Carlton's of Churchtown and the RBS group, raised a total of £1290 for The Prince's Trust.

Here are some of Anita's thoughts, during and after her jump.

"I can honestly say it was an experience and glad I have done it but I will never do it again.

The scariest thing is when you are sitting at the edge of the plane door with your feet hanging over and then you just have to fall.... your stomach just stays at 14000 feet and your face is so cold!  People always say I wonder what it would be like to go through a cloud - I now know - “ it’s just wet”.  

What a relief when the parachute opens....

On landing all I could hear was all my family and supporters cheering... I was so glad to be back on solid ground...

Well done Anita!

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