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Earlswood Garden & Landscape Centre, Solihull

I purchased a small collection of continental trellis panels and fixings to construct a housing for water butts on my patio. Two things struck me about my visit; Firstly the range and quality of products on offer is really excellent, I found exactly what I needed. Secondly, the staff are exceptional, especially the gent in the yard (big guy, didn’t get his name). It must have been 32 degrees out there on the Saturday I visited, but he couldn’t have been more helpful. I noticed that he and his colleague both asked immediately if people needed help. This is such a refreshing change from builder yards where you have to chase staff round the racks to get an answer. The till staff were also extremely helpful also and knew exactly,what I wanted once the order was placed, again the gent in the yard was incredibly helpful in picking and loading. This kind of service is so important, I’m hugely impressed and will be using Earlswood for a larger project soon. Thank you for a great experience and thanks to all concerned