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Sales Funnels Made Simple is a team of business consultants based in Solihull who can push your business forward with their effective consultancy services and uncomplicated strategies.

59b6732bc6a711569900155bA bit disappointed with your latest sales report? There's no such thing as a slump when you have a solid sales process. Are you all work and frustratingly no play? You can still achieve a healthy work-life balance. Sales Funnels Made Simple will help improve quality of life for entrepreneurs like you. With that, you can also expect a significant increase in sales and profits.

Here are the wonderful things you can expect when working with their team of highly experienced business consultants:

 Enjoy the most valuable resource you have: TIME! With their assistance, you won’t have to struggle with meeting deadlines, miss out on opportunities or being unable to provide after sales support because you don’t have enough time.
 Boost profits with an increase in warm leads.
 Look forward to a high sales conversion. You may not know it, but your existing sales processes (or the lack of it) may be the reason you’re losing out on sales. Let them advise you on effective tricks of the trade.
 A highly educated telesales team who are trustworthy, well-versed on your products and services, and can relate to your clients. You will be spending less on their sales people who can effectively close deals.

Sales Funnels Made Simple is the solution you have been looking for! You can create your own sales funnels in just a few minutes, but if you want to have it done for you, they will happily work with you to create a highly effective one.

Take a few minutes to call a business consultant today 0121 405 0841. By doing so, you’ll have access to their FREE Mythbusters Pack, which will unlock a host of valuable resources and tips on getting the customers you need. No complicated processes, hassle-free and cost efficient results – everything you need to take your business to the next level.

Edwina Silver, a Linkedin Coach and Connexions Networking Founder, relates her experience with them:

“Last Saturday I sat down with them [Barry and Tim] regarding creating a Sales Funnel to generate new business for both my LinkedIn consultancy and also to plan how to grow The Connexion in the future. I have to say it was one of the most productive 2 hours I have ever spent, with the whole process being documented for me.

... On the basis of this I would definitely recommend that you speak to Tim and Barry with a view to seeing how they can help take your business forward.”

Member of The Top 1%
Member of The Top 1%