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D-Coded Ltd is a specialist company based in Solihull offering state of the art consultancy and market research through facial coding and analysing emotions

59b6732bc6a711569900155bMarket research is essential to a business because it helps entrepreneurs understand their target audience, recognise potential problems, and figure out that “edge” over their competitors. Now, with advanced market research such as facial coding, entrepreneurs can look forward to even better benefits that stem from analysing consumer information.

D-Coded specialises in consultancy and market research, concentrating on facial coding, emotions and how they are displayed on the face. The emotional response of the consumer reveals how a brand affects the audience, providing an unbiased and cost effective way of knowing your consumer. 

D-Coded Research is a combination of traditional marketing methods and technologically advanced emotional analysis. They offer assistance in new product development by analysing how consumers are reacting to your newly released products. They conduct one on one interviews to extract vital information that an entrepreneur can use to improve new products. A focus group can also be facilitated to gather data for a comprehensive report.

Another offering that can help your business thrive is their First Impressions Service that analyses your advertising campaign to gauge the reaction of your audience. You can use the report to tweak your POS or make some changes to your ad campaigns. You can also take part in D-Coded Training Workshops led by Adrianne Carter. These training sessions are designed to equip you with knowledge that teaches you the science of facial coding and emotions, and be able to assess a person’s character and traits.

Here’s what a category development manager had to say about their service:

“D-Coded were highly organised and a pleasure to work with on some focus groups we ran with shoppers earlier in the year. Shoppers were open about their habits and we gained valuable insight that we would normally not have access to. The debrief was received well by our specific customer and will be used to shape our thinking going forward.”

D-Coded has worked with global brands such as Coca Cola and has received recognition for Best New Business 2016 and Entrepreneur of the Month, December 2016 from Entrepreneur’s Circle. Find out how you can get a photograph analysis today. It’s time that you make your market research completely reliable. Call 01543 241 038 or email info@d-coded.co.uk for more information.

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