Help your pets this Bonfire night!
25th September 2015
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Most animals find Bonfire night very scary, the RSPCA estimate around 45% of dogs show a sign of fear when they hear fireworks.

Don’t ignore your pets phobia this bonfire night. There is many ways you can help your pets feel safe:

  1. You can always seek advice from your local vet. Your local vet will also be able to refer you to a clinical animal behaviourist if required.
  2. Make sure that you have a place where your dog or cat can hide and feel safe when they hear the fireworks.
  3. During firework season, it is a great idea to walk you dogs and let your cat out during the daylight. This is because there is less likely to be any fireworks set off.
  4. At night, make sure you close all windows, doors and curtains as this can act as a block for the noise of the fireworks. Hopefully this means your pets feel safer. Another top tip for your pet to feel safe during the firework season, is to add some background music or the TV on to muffle the firework sound.
  5. Leave your pets alone during the time they are scared, unless they are likely to harm themselves.
  6. Do not punish or hurt your pet when they are showing signs of fear. This will only add to their fear.
  7. Ensure your pet is in a safe locked environment during the firework season. This will decrease the chances of them escaping if they become startled.

This advice is just the minimum to make your pets feel safe. You as the owner know and understand your pet best! 

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