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20th September 2013
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What a month August has been! Starting with the candle order for a Mehndi function, we were contacted by the bride herself, who wanted personalised candles as her centre pieces for the function for each table. She told us she wanted the coupleâs names and the date of the Mehndi function on the candles. We asked the colour scheme that they had for the function and then accordingly decorated 20 candles, each with a unique pattern. These candles matched the 4 theme colours of the goodie bags on each table. At the end of the function, they were given away to one family per table along with the other wedding goodies, and did they disappear fast or what!

Then we were off to do henna on the guests of a pre-wedding party as well as doing henna on the groomâs family! It was really rewarding to see so many happy faces in the end and all the lovely feedback given. At the same time we were also busy making 5 ball candles personalised for the wedding day function with plum and gold theme. These candles were placed next to the sweet trees and were catching the eyes of the guests as they entered the wedding hall.

Around this time, we found out about an annual charity cricket match at Walthamstow to raise money for National Autistic Society. So we had an idea to contribute to this charity with! We made a henna canvas for auctioning and to ours and everyone elseâs amazement; this canvas was bought by a gentleman who placed the highest bid of £500!!! All in all, it was a very rewarding experience indeed and definitely look forward to working with more charities in future.

The final event on SB Henna Designâs event list was the Reading Eid fair, where we did henna on the kids as well as the elder visitors of the fair. There were smiles and colours all around and a really good event for families to come to and enjoy the bargains of the day !

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