How to Choose Your New Carpet?
12th July 2017
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Deciding room by room makes sense, those rooms that have relatively little wear and tear such as bedrooms allow for luxury rather than utility. Soft pile natural carpeting offers comfort and helps keep a room warm and cosy.


Bathrooms are very much a matter of personal taste, in that hard flooring, tiles and linoleum flooring resist dampness better than some carpets, but there are carpets and carpet tiles that work well in a bathroom.

Staircases and landings do tend to be busy areas, especially when the lavatory is upstairs, selecting stair carpeting for hard wearing qualities is wise. The Team at Scott Furnishings of Sandwell are happy to advise and show samples of stair and landing carpets.

Living rooms and dining rooms, we all want a smart living area and plush pile carpets are fabulous. Much depends on the footfall, a busy family area may need a harder wearing carpet, so a mixture of natural fibres reinforced with nylon or similar may be wise. It is worth thinking about the family pet/s at this point, dogs, in particular, can carry in a lot of dirt, and water, in their fur so having carpeting that can cope and is easily cleaned is a good idea.

Kitchens and dining areas combined. There are many choices, from hard wearing floor tiles to specially made kitchen flat pile carpeting all available in nice colours.

The traditional choices are carpets made using wool, wool and manmade fibres and totally manmade fibre. Broad loom carpets are literally made in broad sizes and purchased by the metre but will fit a big room without the need for being stitched together. Whereas narrow loom carpets are what might be used in a hallway or on the stairs.

Woollen carpets are the nicest for rooms in which you relax, whereas the man-made carpets are better for busy spaces, kitchens, home offices, and staircases.



Scott Furnishings of Sandwell can offer all qualities of carpeting in the sizes that you may need, they carry a range of colours, qualities, textures and off cuts that may just fit that back bedroom. Call in and have a chat, they also offer excellent information and advice.

Scott Furnishing of Sandwell have been helping their customers for well over 50 years and are highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

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