Backing the right horse
9th April 2016
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Backing the right horse


We will see many glamorous spectators gather in crowds at Aintree to enjoy the spectacle of jockeys and horses racing for their next title. Fredrick Tesio, one of the most important breeders of Throughbreds in the history of horse racing was once quoted to say: “A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character.” It’s fair to say, it truly is the best who wins.


Knowing who is the best, understanding their strengths and better yet, being given this information by an expert, would make backing the right horse a whole lot more successful, right?


Understanding local businesses isn’t too dissimilar! At TheBestOf Sandwell, we’re the expert you can call on to understand who are the best service providers, recommended by the residents of Sandwell themselves. Our website and social media provides helps you make informed decisions to support local businesses, and “back the right horse”.


If you are a local business and are interested in finding out more information on how you can benefit from TheBestOf Sandwell’s services, please contact us on If you are a Sandwell resident, we want to hear from you about the services you’ve enjoyed and would recommend to your fellow residents – so please get in touch today!


We hope you enjoy the Grand National; here’s to sunshine and good fortune!


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