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The Paget's Association is a local Charity in Walkden, Manchester, that aims to raise awareness and inform people about Paget's Disease as well as assist in research and diagnosis. If you are interested in supporting a charitable organisation in Manchester, please find out more about The Paget's Association.


The Paget’s Association

Charitable Organisation

in Swinton, Manchester

Founded in 1973, The Paget’s Association is a registered charity(266071) in Swinton, Manchester that aims to:  

  • Inform and support people with Paget’s disease, their families and carers;

  • Raise awareness about the condition amongst the medical profession and the general public;

  • Encourage, promote and assist research into the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Paget’s disease. 

The Paget's Association holds three Paget Information Meetings each year in various places throughout the UK. 

If you would like to support a local Charity in Salford, please find out more about The Paget's Association by visiting their website.  

What is Paget's Disease? 

Paget's Disease is the second most common chronic bone disorder which occurs in up to 2% of adults over the age of 55 years and the incidence increases to approximately 8% of people over 80 years. 

Paget’s Disease of bone is metabolic bone disorder in which there is a marked increase in bone turnover in localised parts of the skeleton.  This results in an abnormal bone leading to expansion, structural weakness, often resulting in deformity and an increased risk of fracture, together with pain. 

The alterations in bone shape result in mechanical changes but also can lead to pressure effects causing pain in adjacent joints and nerve compression syndromes.  If there is involvement of the skull this can lead to deafness. The abnormal bone has increased metabolic activity and blood flow which in itself contributes to the pain and can also increase neurological complications as part of a vascular steal syndrome. 

Did you know that the UK has the highest prevalence of Paget’s disease of bone in the world? 

How You Can Help 

The Paget's Association host a variety of events throughout Salford and Manchester that you are welcome to attend for more info, visit out Events Page (at the top).

Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Make a Donation
  • Recycling - Ink Cartridges, Mobile Phones
  • Leave a Legacy
  • Shop in their Online Store 

Call The Paget's Association on 0161 799 4646 for further details, support and information. 

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