False Memory
  • Rugby Art Gallery & Museum
    Little Elborow Street
    CV21 3BZ
  • Thursday 6th August, 10:00am - Until Saturday 14th November, 4:00pm
Includes Extramission 2 (The Trilogy) by Lindsay Seers. Exhibition free - booking essential

A false memory is the recollection of something that did not happen or happened differently from the actual events, without consciously intending to deceive or mislead. False memories are often incredibly realistic, and it can be difficult to differentiate between what really happened and what is being remembered. This makes it hard to convince the person recalling the false memory that the event they so clearly remember, in fact, happened differently, or not at all. This exhibition will explore the production of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories.

Many false memory causing factors rely upon our psychological desire to create meaning instead of focusing on the purely perceptual or factual. This reliance on familiarity, and our desire to make sense of the things we see and experience, are often at the detriment of being able to accurately recall certain events. Neither a vivid memory, nor a confidently held memory, is necessarily true and the artworks on display seek to challenge our perception of being able to accurately remember moments from the past and consider the relative ease of creating false memories.

20 years ago, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum opened its doors with a celebration of the Rugby Collection. In our anniversary year we present the re-display of Lindsay Seers’ Extramission 2 (The Trilogy), acquired in 2011. Inspired by how photography and film induce and reshape memory, this artwork investigates the loss of a memory that the artist could not personally retrieve, of a house she lived in Mauritius. Seemingly autobiographical, it tells the story of Seers’ upbringing on the island of Mauritius and addresses the artist’s early speechlessness; development of a photographic memory and eventual loss of this ability when she began to talk. For Seers, this artwork was never intended as a question of what is true or false and instead describes the film as ‘its own truth’. Seers is not someone who accepts the binary idea of fact and fiction. She believes they are always embedded in each other, nothing is entirely factual, nor entirely fictional.

Celebrating 20 years of Rugby Art Gallery and Museum

Lindsay Seers, Extramission 2 (The Trilogy), 2010/2020, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum © the artist

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