Viva's Top 10 tips for writing a press release
22nd July 2010
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1. Make sure you have a snappy title. Newspapers receive 100s of press releases everyday so the headline needs to grab their attention. This is often easier if you write this at the end.

2. Your intro is the most important part of the release. If it isn’t written right, chances are the journalist won’t read any further. It should summarise the whole story, so think carefully about what you want your key messages to be. 

3. Keep your intro to less than 30 words. It should include the 5 W’s – Who, What, Where, When, Why…and How?

4. Try not to start an intro with a name. If you want to go in with a name stick an adjective or some description in front of it.?Example: "Former fridge salesman Bill Jones has launched a new company selling gizmos."

5. The next few paragraphs should expand on the intro. Why has Bill Jones started his new company? What is different and exciting about it?

6. Double check spelling and include details such as Bill's age and where he comes from in the main body of the release.

7. Include a quote. Cut out unnecessary jargon and speak in a tone that the audience clearly understands.

8. Keep every paragraph throughout the release short. This will make the release read quickly and will increase its chances of publication.

9. Use action words where possible particularly towards the top. Example - "Keen Bill has slashed his prices by 10 per cent in a bid to attract more new customers through his doors this month."

10. Keep the whole thing to a maximum of 500 words. You want to make it as easy as possible for reporters to follow it up, so remember to include the relevant contact details in the notes to editors section.

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