Royal Canin food now available at Willows, Wags and Whiskers, Rossendale!
9th May 2011
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Willows, Wags and Whiskers are now one of Rossendale's most recommended suppliers of Royal Canin dog food, a tailored nutrition range for canine friends!

Royal Canin is the perfect option to help your dog in good condition and avoid the risk of weight gain, with easy to use packs to ensure you give you dog the correct amount of food.

The innovation of Royal Canin food doesn't simply stop with its formulation - the breed, size, age and sensitivities of dogs are taken into account when designing the range of kibbles. The shape, size and texture of the kibbles from Royal Canin change to specific characteristics e.g. kibble with edges to make it easier for short faced breeds such as boxers or pugs to pick up the food.

 In addition to their ranges for mini, medium, maxi and giant dogs, Royal Canin provide food tailored specifically for pure breed dogs and their requirements. For example, food tailored to Cavalier King Charles spaniels has ingredients to enhance the coat's natural colour and reinforce cardiac function, as this particular breed is prone to heart problems.

For more information about Royal Canin food, please contact Willows, Wags and Whiskers on 01706 893 531 or visit the feature here

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