Remember, Remember The 5th November! Local displays and safety tips
7th October 2010
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With Halloween and Bonfire Night fast approaching some of you may be thinking about things to do and where to go in Rossendale this year. I think it's always better to try and go along to an organised display if you can - they are much less stressful for pets and animals, safer and there's usually a lot more entertainment and things to do. For more information just click on the links.

Marl Pits will be holding their annual Bonfire and Fireworks Display on Friday 5th November, starting at 6.30pm. A team of amazing fire jugglers will kickstart the traditional bonfire night fun and there will be a spectacular fireworks display, refreshments and a fun fair open until 9pm.

If you are planning to organise your own celebrations please have a read of our safety tips beforehand - after all, you want your friends and family to enjoy themselves and have a night to remember for all the right reasons!

The Fireworks Safety Code has everything you need to know:

  • Only buy fireworks with the BS 7114 mark on them
  • Buy fireworks from a reputable retailer
  • Never drink alcohol if you are setting off fireworks
  • Keep fireworks safely in a closed box
  • Follow the instructions on your fireworks
  • Using a taper, light at arms length and then stand well back
  • Do not approach a firework that has been lit, even it has not gone off it could still explode.
  • Never throw fireworks or put them in your pocket
  • Keep pets indoors to minimise stress from the noise
  • Always supervise children around fireworks
  • Always wear gloves when holding a sparkler and never give them to a child under 5

Whatever you do over Bonfire night have a great time - stay safe and have fun!

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