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9th October 2009
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Carrying on from my posts about going green at home and in the workplace, this week I'm highlighting the ways one of our local businesses,, are helping the environment! are currently spearheading a campaign in conjuction with the Tree Appeal and David Bellamy, so that for every 20 orders they receive, they replant 1 tree. This scheme has already proven to be a massive success, as they have smashed their target of planting 50,000 trees! But is doesn't stop there, oh no, have now doubled their goal to 100,000 trees- thats enough to fill a whopping 125 football pitches.

You can help too, all you have to do is buy some lovely products (they really are excellent) including stationary and leaflets from and you'll be helping the environment in yet another way. Most importantly, spread the news- after all, we like word of mouth! are also encouraging local schools to get involved and plant trees within their grounds. This is a win win situation because planting more trees creates woodland habitat and therefore greater bio-diversity for pupils to study and learn from- including planting the trees, watching them grow, and watching wildlife in their natural environment. You can easily nominate a school for this campaign by visiting also care for the environment in every other way you could think of! Firstly, they use as few resources as possible, which makes great sense because the less material you use, the less you waste. Secondly, any waste which is produced gets separated for ultra efficient recycling and waste paper is compacted for eco-friendly transportation. They also use vegetable based inks from large drums instead of lots of small cartridges, reducing packaging by a large amount and all cartons are produced from unbleached board.

They also give you, the customer, eco-friendly choices too- you can buy FSC approved and 100% recycled paper. All of their paper comes from well managed forests where trees are farmed as crops rather than just chopped down randomly. Lastly, all paper stock is made from wood pulp which is Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)

Well done, I'm suitably impressed!

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