Pension funds help crops, and cash, grow
28th April 2011
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RESIDENTS are being urged to take control of their pensions and secure their future by investing in anything from gold bullion to farmland in Argentina.

Self-employed Financial Advisor David Robinson, from Rawtenstall, has helped scores of Rossendale residents make pension funds work for them.

“One investment opportunity is farmland in Argentina where they get two crops in 14 months”, said David. “The country is the third largest exporter of crops like maize and wheat and investors receive a fixed return from their pension money."

“For as little as £30,000 in a pension fund, people can invest that locked away cash in a Caribbean holiday resort with access to a Liverpool Football Club Soccer School, Pat Cash Tennis Academy and Gary Player Golf Resort. Everything to attract people to want to stay in the villas that your pension is paying for”.

“People often pay little attention to what their financial future might be, until it is too late or they think pensions are a boring subject”.

“We are in changing times and no one knows whether the promised ‘final salary’ pension is going to exist by the time most people reach retirement, or even what age we are going to be allowed to retire at”.

 Schemes to allow people to manage their own pension SiPP ( Self Invested Personal Pensions)  are rapidly growing as a pension option due to people being able to transfer their current or past pensions to a SiPP. The BBC1 TV programme ‘Rip Off Britain’ recently extolled the virtues of these particular pension schemes.

“It allows the client to take control, and unlike other pensions money invested through SiPPs can be to be left in a will, after tax.”

The father-of-two opted to work for himself four years ago as he wanted to be able to offer customers a wider range of options rather than be tied to one company.

He said: “I wanted to be my own boss and felt I could look after clients better by organising my day around them, working the hours they wanted to suit their commitments rather than expecting them to fit into my day.

“Too many people just receive their annual pension report and file it away without stopping to think if their money is working for them as well as it might.”

For more information contact David on 07912 664847 or email

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