Pantisocracy Week With Rossendale Climate Change Group- March 15th - 21st.
10th March 2011
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Pantisocracy Week - March 15th - 21st.

A week of pants, socks and theatre.

Climate change is not all bad news. We could build a much better post-fossil fuel world. But we have to make it happen and we have to do it now.

A play, a discussion, a musical, a farce, an evening of comedy and, of course, sales of pants and socks.

Tues 15th - Plastic England. Disabled, caustic and brilliantly funny Jim Wheelwright killed his wife in a car crash. He sees in
contemporary Britain an allegory of his guilt and despair. But in his dreams he finds new hope from an unexpected quarter. Comic, moving, slick and innovative writing. Followed by discussion.

Wed 16th - Easter Island. A musical recounting the tragic story of Lucio and Felicity against the background of the environmental disaster that overtook Easter Island. A deeply affecting piece. Great original music by Manchester composer Justin Morley

Fri. 18th - Pantipoetry. Local poetry, prose and music. Come and share a great night of poetry and prose on a climate change and environment theme. Everyone sees these issues through different eyes and comes to their own conclusions. Doomsday theories may bore the pantisocracy off you so come along for more creative insights. Join great Lancashire writers and musicians who will create a fabulous evening…

Mon 21st - Illusions. A farce poking fun at the Pantisocracy idea. Society queen Diana Moncrieff-Manners and disgruntled feminist Brenda find their underwear business is struggling in the recession. To the rescue come advertisers dynamically explosive Gerald and his ideas man, despairing philosopher Sebastian. Romances blossom but with all the confusions and misunderstanding you would expect in a farce, during the course of which the characters discover they are not the people they thought they were. All is resolved in an enchanting and beautiful final act presided over by Venus herself.

Haslingden High School Theatre.
Start 7 p.m. (Easter Island 8.15)
Entry £4.00 (under 18 free). £10 all 4.

We must hope the climate sceptics are right. But what if they are wrong? The future consequences would then be so appalling it is surely the height of folly not to take the advice of the scientific majority. In any case, ever scarcer oil will create economic chaos, even perhaps vicious resource wars. There is a still better reason to get out of fossil fuels a.s.a.p. We could build a far, far better post-fossil fuel world. But we have to make it happen. And we have to do it now.

These are the most important years there have ever been in the whole history of humanity. What an exciting time to be alive.

'Await the great climate catastrophe in our pants and socks. Still better let's do something about it'. Promoted by Rossendale Climate Change Group.

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