New Project To Tackle Climate Change Launched in Rossendale!
16th December 2010
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Rossendale Climate Change Group have started a business called Pantisocracy that seeks to arouse concern about climate through sales of pants and socks. 

Every garment has a tag attached saying 'Await the great climate catastrophe in our pants and socks.  Or still better let's go all out to avert it'.  You can find out more about them if you go to,uk  and click on Pantisocracy. These items really stress the importance of climate change and you can also buy them on e bay.

Rossendale Climate Change Group will be holding a Pantisocracy week next March celebrating climate change through pants, socks and other entertainments.

Most scientists are promising us a global catastrophe if we don’t deal with carbon emissions. But climate change is not all bad news.  If we changed our energy base we could create a much much better post-fossil fuel world.  It’s a fantastic opportunity. But we have to do it now.

Plays, a musical, street comedy, a puppet show, a cookery class, poetry readings, stand-up, political debate, even a lecture on the science and, of course, sales of pants and socks  (all profits to the enterprise).

Concerned about climate? To put on Pantisocracy Week we need help: making costumes, driving, finding venues, contacting schools, organizing publicity etc.  Only a few hours required between now and March.  Contact or ring 07847 108 474

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