New Project to Support Rossendale's Independent Shops and Businesses
27th August 2009
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 Rossendale is developing a community project which will support our local 
 economy by helping shops and consumer service businesses to survive - and
 even to thrive in the long term. It is a simple low cost approach that has
 worked elsewhere and we think it's perfect for Rossendale. It can play a
 big role in staving off the effects of the recession, protecting jobs,
 assisting tourism developments and building pride in our local businesses
 and towns
 Initially it aims to:
 • Raise awareness with the public as to which local businesses are 
 independently owned, and the challenges they face.
 • Specifically gives the consumer a means to help by asking them to choose
 5 of their favourite businesses and to go and spend £5 in each per month.
 • Go a step further and advocate for their chosen shops or businesses – be
 that word of mouth, online or in the various social media.
 We recognise that this will not be nearly enough for some businesses and 
 the second phase of the project will aim to:
 • Assist the retailers to assess their current market and sustainability
 • Support them to diversify and adapt to new markets and business models
 • Assist them to access funding to adapt and improve their business
 • Bring networks of niche/specialist suppliers, designers and artists
 together with local retailers to give them access to a range of unique and
 specialist products

 'Choose 5, spend 5 and keep 5 alive!
 Can I ask if you feel you can support this project? Would you like to be 
 either directly involved in its development or kept informed of its
 progress?  Do you know a business or group that would welcome our
 assistance? Or do you have any contacts or organisations that you feel
 would like to hear more about our project?
 Please feel free to forward this information or my contact details on to 
 any organisation or individual you feel may benefit or be able to help.
 Alyson Cadd
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