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9th November 2011
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Rossendale seems to have a weather system of its own sometimes. As I write, it's early October and we have had bright sunshine, wind, rain, hailstones and sleet in Haslingden today and yet, just five days ago, I was watching a football match in shirt sleeves wearing a pair of Ray Bans on the hottest day ever recorded for this time of year.

The unpredictable weather raises an interesting question for spectacle wearers though – are there any lenses available that could cope with a day like today?

Well, from a glare protection view point, I'm sure that you know about Transitions lenses. These have been available for some time, and the latest version of the product adapts very well to changing light conditions and can be combined with an anti reflective finish that is scratch-resistant, smudge-resistant and anti-static, but what about the long-standing problem of moving from a cold environment to a warm one, and the steaming up problems that it brings?

Lenses steaming up has been a long term nuisance for spectacle wearers but we now have a solution! Optifog lenses have just been launched by Essilor, just in time for our crazy weather.

We've spent some of today playing with a sample lens (and a kettle) and it’s a truly amazing innovation that will make life so much easier for glasses wearers to do such basic things as opening the oven or the dishwasher door, ironing, or having a hot drink, all without their glasses steaming up!

If this is you, or someone you know, you really need to talk to us. Come down now - I'll put the kettle on.

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