New dogs at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary are looking for a home!
19th May 2011
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We could ask, “Why do people let their pets get like this?” The answers are many and various but none are acceptable. What we see here are two pedigree dogs that will have cost their owners a significant amount of money to originally buy.

If someone is willing to spend large amounts of money buying the kind of dog that is sometimes referred to as a ‘Trophy Dog’ or ‘Status Dog’ why do they not give the dog proper care?

At Bleakholt we usually find that a very large proportion of these kinds of owners don’t even bother to vaccinate their dog or keep it flea and worm free. As to neutering or microchipping their dog; that doesn’t seem to occur to them.

Both of these dogs have come to Bleakholt in recent weeks, both need care that should not be necessary.

The Chihuahua also has some behavioural issues that will need to be addressed that undoubtedly have their roots in the manner in which she was cared for by her previous owner.

The Chihuahua is called Camilla and the Dogue de Bordeaux is called Bubba. The Dogue de Bordeaux first came to mass recognition with the film Turner and Hooch. Just like the Dalmations in 101 Dalmations saw a massive increase in people wanting to own Dalmations the Dogue de Bordeaux population increased significantly after the film, as did their price!

If anyone is interesting in adopting either of these dogs they should contact the Sanctuary on 08422 570411 or email

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