My old Dexter
28th August 2009
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Well it has now been three weeks since we lost our old man, Dexter.  Dexter was a good old age of 13  1/2 when he left us and the house is terribly empty now.
Dexter was a black and white Springer Spaniel who had pretty much lived in the shadow of our other dog, his brother Chester until he passed on 14 months ago.  Dexter lived in his shadow for the first 12 years, Chester was the dominant one for sure!  After Chester died Dexter found his feet as it were and lived a different life altogether.  He found his bark - like a child finding it's voice for the first time and he developed a different character altogether.  He was a lovely dog and is sorely missed.

Although he had slowed down a lot over the last months there was a marked difference in his last days but what happened was still not expected quite so quickly.  He woke in terrible pain on the Friday morning and this was evident.  I always said that the minute I knew he was in pain I would have to make the decision and it was one of the most painful of my life but I also knew that it was the kindest thing that I could do for him.

I spoilt him rotten that day until the vet arrived and he went to sleep very peacefully in my arms at home eating a Jaffa cake and happy!He is buried next to his brother and all our family dogs before him so he has plenty of company up there whilst he hopefully bounds about in the fields.

I no longer have a nose in the fridge each time I open it, I don't have a "shadow" following me about all the time - I only had to move my foot an inch and he was there behind me.  There is no patter of claws on the wooden floor anymore, the house just isn't the same.

I have now registered with Springer Spaniel Rescue for a new dog, not to replace my Dex but to fill that empty void that he has left. I thought it would be nicer to rehome rather than get a puppy and give a dog a second chance at finding a new loving family to be part of.

I have to hand it to Springer Rescue, they are on the ball and certainly have these dogs interests at heart.  We have had our reference checks done with our vets and we have had a home visit too which as my parents will play a part in letting the dog out had to be part of as well.

As I have requested to re home a young bitch we have been told that we may have quite a wait but I am sure it will be worth it in the end. All we await now is that expectant call to be new doggie parents and I will keep you posted.

A dog is a big part of any family especially when you have had them so many years.  I am sure that you all have stories to tell of your own,


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